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Monday, March 5, 2018



 or winter?

March - a month of transition in this part of the country.

We have had a few days of spring-like weather with sunshine and temps in the 50's, which is a huge relief from the many, many days of below zero temps. Our January has to be one of the coldest that I can remember. February had a few warmer days, but still quite cold.

It the last few days most of our snow had melted and kids were playing outside with lighter jackets. I finally heard a few birds singing in the trees in the morning, and the hope of spring nearly here. But today. . . . winter is back. It started out as rain around 3 am this morning. Around 10 am it started turning to sleet, and now, at noon, the ground is covered again with white snow. Schools in the area started closing between 10 am to noon. There is a blizzard going on about 50 miles west of us, but we are only in a winter weather advisory which says to expect around 5" snow and some strong winds to cause some drifting and low visibility, but not as bad as a blizzard. So there goes our spring weather! At least it is warmer with temps just below freezing.

Just another normal March.

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