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Thursday, April 11, 2019


Yes, that old man insists on hanging around awhile longer. Most of South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa and Nebraska are having a slow moving blizzard.

So far the snow has missed us and have been getting a lot of rain. But then, during the night I heard the rain turn to sleet as the strong winds slammed it against the house. So this morning things are icy, and then later today and tonight we are supposed to get snow; not as much as in the blizzard areas, but at least 2" or more.

While I was making a \middle of the night bathroom run, sitting on the throne, the power went out! There is no window in the bathroom, so it was totally dark. Now, I keep a flashlight next to the bed and one in the kitchen for such emergencies, but none in the bathroom! For some reason the night light in the bathroom and the one in the hall next to the bathroom still had a little dim light so that I could make out the door to the bedroom. I just got in the bedroom when those dim lights went out as well. Amazing that there was enough light outside that I could see the window to get to the bed. Actually, I have made that trip so many times that I am sure I would have made it in total darkness using auto pilot.

I had no idea what time the power went off until I got up this morning and checked the electric clock in the living room. It was 2:30 am. The power came back on at 4:55 am. It is a good thing that the temperature was not as cold as it would be in the middle of winter, so that the house did not get uncomfortably cold without heat for that long.

When I checked my emails this morning, I had several messages from the county sheriff telling about several power lines that were across the roads in the county and warning to avoid those areas, so the ice and strong winds were evident.

I had two medical appointments for today. One was at 10:00 am at the dentist for my 6-month checkup and cleaning. I rescheduled that one yesterday and so glad I did as the dentist is in the next town ten miles away and it is still icy. I have an appointment at the local clinic at 2:00 pm and am going to call and reschedule that for next week. I am taking no chances when weather is like this, even if it is only 6 blocks away. I am not going to walk with the walker on surfaces that may be icy. That appointment is just for the lab and not to see a doctor, so that can wait until Monday.

One good thing about getting ice/snow/blizzard in April is that it won't last long. The weekend is supposed to be in the mid 40's and 50's and melt it all. Meanwhile we wait for the boing boing of spring to bounce back very soon.

Uh-oh, I just saw the lights flicker. I better get that call to the clinic made now in case the power goes out again and I don't have a working phone.


  1. My oh my what a winter. This is one we will all remember. Stay safe and learn to walk in the dark. I can but I always stub my toe.

    1. LOL! I just stubbed my toe on the corner of the dresser a few nights ago.


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