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Monday, July 2, 2012


In a previous post I showed you my stuffed, unorganized food pantry when I was in the middle of removing the front half of the shelves so that I can find things better. Here is the picture when I was done, not  completely organized and neat, but at least like things are with like things - fruits, veggies, canisters, etc. And this is after I put in all the new items that I had recently purchased to build up my stores. I didn't think I would get it all to fit, but so far, so good. The paper shopping bag on the floor holds all the empty plastic containers that I have been saving to use for storing things that come in bags and boxes, but are not being used right now. No sense taking up shelf space yet, right? I do still need to work on emptying a few bags and boxes before I have it all done.

Oops! I went shopping again! A couple of grocery stores had a 2-day sale of loss leaders that I could not pass up, and some were things I will use right away, but many were to add to the reserve stores. There are 8, yes eight, 12 packs of soda pop! And I had weaned myself off of all sodas several years ago, so only have one on rare occasions. So what am I doing with all this? I just cannot pass up a good bargain! These were on sale with a coupon @ 4 for $7.88, that is 4 Pepsi and 4 Coke products. One coupon for each product. But now, where am I going to put them in an already full pantry? I bought a lot more stuff but much of it went into the fridge and freezer, and a few things I found room for in the kitchen cupboards as they will be used almost every day.

Voila! It all went in! I did have to remove the shopping bag with the empty containers to make room on the floor for all that soda pop. There is a bag of flour and a bag of sugar sitting on top of the soda pop, but their canisters are almost empty so I need to transfer them when I get the time.

So now this pantry is just about done. Next I need to work on the appliance/cookware pantry just to the right and out of sight in the picture. It hasn't been that long ago that I worked on it, but I am still not happy with it, and am certain there are things in there that I really don't need. I do need to have it organized so that the things I use most often are handy to get at, otherwise I just don't use it unless I absolutely have to. And I know there are things in there that I would use if it was more convenient to get to them.

Now I need to get to work. While writing this I got a call from my daughter and we talked for an hour. So now it is time for lunch first, and then try to get some housework done today.


  1. good job! your after pictures look nice.

  2. Great job Lorita! I love it when my pantry is nice and organized - I just wish it would do stay organized!


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