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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

More UFOs Sighted

It has been awhile hasn't it. Life has been quite boring here so have had nothing to say. It is just hot, hot, hot and that slows me down in every way. I am very thankful for air conditioning this summer, and just pray that it keeps working!

I am also a huge Olympics fan so you will catch me in front of the TV all the time for the next two weeks. Sometimes I feel embarrassed and a bit guilty because I have so much I should be doing instead. But I so enjoy them and have ever since they were first televised decades ago. I admire the athletes and the dedication they have to improving their sport. And I root for the USA!

Some time ago I found the needlework kit for the seashell picture done in candlewicking. I finished the needlework and then got sidetracked and busy with other things. Now the question is. . . . how do I finish it? Do I make a pillow? Frame it to hang on the wall? Any suggestions? It's not only candlewicking, but also quilting as there is backing fabric with batting in between.

Today I was doing something near the bookcase in the back entry and discovered the UFO below.

This is a CCS picture of a famous Charles Wysocki painting that I love, called 'Frederick the Literate'. I started this many years ago, probably close to 10 years, give or take a couple. It is almost finished. The reason I put it away was because of frustration. You may notice some gold thread at the bottom right of the fabric. That is a metallic thread. If any of you have worked with that you know what a pain it is to work with! It coils, it knots, and just does not behave well. Plus this calls for 3 strands at the same time! Impossible! Since I don't work well when frustrated, it was time to put it away. And frankly, I had long forgotten about it until I found it today.

This is a close-up of the area where the metallic gold is to be used. It outlines the gold bars at the top and bottom of the "VOL I", etc. across the encyclopedia volumes, and on top/bottom of the titles at the top. Simply an outline stitch, so it should be easy and quick. Right! I actually have the bottom row done but it does not show well in the picture.

I started working on it while watching the men's volleyball game (Olympics) and was reminded how frustrating it is to work with that thread. I think I have found something that helps a little. I twist the tail ends around the main strands before I start. Then they stay together better and don't get all tangled and knotted while working with them. They do eventually come apart and it has to be done again, but I am making headway a little faster.

I noticed I still have to sew on the cat's whiskers, and then check to see if I forgot anything else. I am not real happy the way some of the book titles don't show up very well, not like in the picture on the kit cover. Those titles all have something to do with cats. So I may see if I can get them highlighted a little more. And then it will be ready to frame. Then comes the next problem. Where am I going to hang it? I am running out of wall space for pictures. I don't want to give it away or donate to the church auction since it is one of my favorite pictures. From one dilemma to another!


  1. How pretty the cat picture is. maybe you could move somet hings around, or do some pictures seasonal..

  2. Thank you, Tracey, both for the compliment and the suggestion. That is what I may end up doing. It's just that I like to keep everything that I love on display at all times, but in a small house there aren't a lot of walls! I have noticed one spot that might work. But the picture isn't done yet so have some time to think.

  3. Both those pieces are beautiful and beautifully done. I used to embroider, the only needlework I ever indulged in. I keep promising myself I'll take it up once more.

  4. I love these projects, especially the cat! Oh do please finish him -he is gorgeous!!


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