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Tuesday, April 28, 2015


I need a kick start to get going with blogging again. There are just too many ways to spend my time. I recently went through my pictures folder and deleted many of them. I ran across these, remembering I was going to blog about them. So here it is.

Several years ago, 1992 in fact, that I did the following two counted cross stitch projects. Reminder to self - always initial and date your projects. You can see how much this helps since I would have never remembered how long ago it was.

Since my husband was Dutch, and I live in a predominately Dutch community, I knew I had to make these two pictures.

 Blue Delft is also popular with the Dutch. I really like this one.

These two pictures always hung in our kitchen. But in this little house, I just can't find a place for them. I asked my kids if they were interested in having them, so they will go to my son later.


  1. I used to cross-stitch all the time. I haven't done it in over two years now, but really am wanting to get started again. I've been too busy knitting!

    Linda in VA

    1. Linda, you knit such beautiful things! You will just have to add another shopping bag with a cross stitch project. Maybe that will give you the incentive to pick it up once in awhile! I will be starting another as soon as my order gets here, hopefully tomorrow. That is a wedding one to give to my granddaughter at her wedding the end of August. I just hope I can get it finished in time.


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