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Thursday, April 2, 2015


When my daughters were here, they were going through some of my old photo albums. I showed them a recently found picture of my mom when she was a teenager, and I said I thought the oldest daughter looked a little like her and the youngest daughter couldn't see it. We always say the oldest looks like their dad's sister, and she does, including some mannerisms.

Later the younest daughter sent these pictures as you see them, side by side. The girl on the left is my oldest daughter and on right is my mother. My youngest was totally shocked! I didn't realize it was this close either. What do you think?

Oldest daughter ---------------Mom

The old colored photos are deteriorating. Who knew, at the time, that the colors would change over the years?


  1. They look like they could have been sisters. It is so amazing, how people can so closely resemble each other,despite being of different generations.

  2. Different fashions but their faces and expressions look the same

  3. After Katie was born, I visited at Granny's and she had a picture of a baby on the mantle. I thought it was a picture of Katie but it was in black and white. Granny told me "No...that's YOU as a baby. That girl looks just like you!" lol Your daughter and your mother could be twins and I mean that. It's an awesome and wonderful resemblance between them.


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