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Wednesday, April 1, 2015



It is a little hard to believe that it has been 10 days since surgery. One daughter and the twins left for home Saturday afternoon, and the other daughter left on the Tuesday after surgery.

The daughter that stayed shampooed some of my carpets as well as my van, and giving the van a good cleaning inside. Now the house and van smell so much fresher. Those were both much needed jobs to be done and I was not able to do either because of my knees. And now I can't do too much and can only carry 10 lbs, which the doctor said was a gallon of milk. I really do appreciate all the help from the girls while they were here.

I have received several lovely cards, and some of the church members have brought meals over. I appreciated the food but the visiting meant even more. Today is Sunday as I write, and after church a couple from church dropped off the bulletin and the things in my church mailbox, plus something large in a plastic grocery bag. It turned out be a gift basket from a church committee called the ARC Angels, and this is what they do. Anyone who has been ill and/or in hospital will usually receive one made up especially for them, and the people who are doing this is kept secret. As I type this I realize I need to get a picture of it. If it isn't in this post it will be in the next one.

 This is the gift basket from my church. There is a current issue of Better Homes and Gardens, and one of Midwest Living. These are two magazines I really enjoy but no longer subscribe. Also 2 pair of fuzzy, soft slipper socks, Aveeno body lotion, Suave Sweet Pea & Violet body wash, and a Skinny Cow candy bar.

This is the bouquet my daughters gave me at the hospital. I should have taken this earlier when it was still fresh. This is after 10 days. The vase is a blue canning jar. That was chosen because I have a few antique green jars.

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