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Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Memories. . . . . . .

Growing up on a farm with a large grove, I and my friends often played in the grove. Sometimes there were vines hanging from the trees that were strong enough to swing on. I have no idea what kind of vines these were. One day my girlfriend and her older brother decided to make a playhouse in the grove. There was a small junk pile in there, where Mom and Dad threw things that couldn't be burned. Among the items were old metal tractor seats that looked something like this:

And there were old seat springs that were something like this:

Those became our sofa and chairs in our playhouse. We would find old aluminum coffee pots, teakettles, and I don't remember what else. We made 'walls', or at least marked where the walls would be, by pushing short forked tree branches into the ground and then laying long, narrow branches in the forks. I am pretty sure the older brother came up with that idea. My memory no longer tells me what else was in this playhouse, but we did have some fun with it. Maybe it was more fun just making it than it was playing in it. This just shows what kids can do with old junk and some imagination to make their own playthings. Those were the 'good old days.' That was before television, computers, cell phones, WIIs, Playstation, and such. We made our own fun.

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  1. The walls of our houses were usually just leaves scraped into lines but we always seemed to find a mossy nest in the roots of a tree to be our seat Acorns for tea cups and cheese were often used....You did bring back memories!


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