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Friday, October 11, 2013

Faith Friday - Walking in the Light



"The light is among you for a little while longer. Walk while you have the light."  (John 12:35)

Walking backstage in a theater can be dangerous. Lots of scenery, props, and people are scattered about. During an onstage blackout, the only illumination comes from small blue running lights strategically placed throughout the backstage areas. Even with these lights, seasoned stagehands will avoid moving backstage during scene change blackouts in which they are not involved. As the ambient stage light fades, the carefully choreographed dance of people, props, and scenery begins; and out of step outside is hazardous to all. 

The crowd to which Jesus was speaking desired to know if he was the promised Messiah. They were confused because he did not fit their picture of the Christ. His response to them was "walk while you have the light." While Jesus walked the earth, he urged those around him to seek and follow him, before the scene went dark. "While you have the light, believe in the light, that you may become sons of light." (v. 36)

On Good Friday, the light of the world was crucified on a cross and died. However, after three days of darkness, the Son rose from the dead! Once again, we are free to move in the light. As when he walked this earth, Jesus calls us to seek and follow him, lest we be fooled by the Prince of Darkness and stumble on the lies of the devil. 

~ Rob Matthews

Prayer: Father, thank you for the gift of your Son, Jesus Christ, light of the world, in whose name we pray. Amen.


I have appreciated all the comparisons of the theater lighting to the Light of the world - Jesus - and how both affect our lives and what we need to do. The only acting experience I have had is in high school plays. Back then our stage was at one end of the gym and so there was no theater lighting, no spotlight, etc. But I have been to several summer theater productions done by college drama students and some professional actors. I always enjoy seeing the set designs - and some of them have been very well done. And I like to watch the scene changes done on the darkened stage while the curtains remain open. It is all done very quietly and quickly, each person assigned to the props they are to change. Those jobs are very important to the play because it could create a big problem if they forget a major prop - either removing or placing it.

Maybe the next time you get to see a play you will think about these devotions and pay attention to the lighting, and watch how the spotlight leads the actor to their next spot.

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