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Friday, December 7, 2012

Bargain shopping

This is another post that should have been done a month ago. The things in the picture are the bargains I got a couple days after Halloween, so many of them are Halloween related, and others must be discontinued products that my Walmart will no longer carry.

There are 5 Jif jars there. They are all the mocha cappuccino flavor of Jif's answer to Nutella. I love anything that says mocha, cappuccino, hazelnut, chocolate, and this fits all those categories! I paid $1.50 each. Regular price - $3.94. Saved $2.44 each for a total of $12.20 saved.

Three cans of pumpkin spice flavored almonds @ $2.29. Regular price - $4.58 for a savings of $2.29 each = $6.87 saved.

Three Halloween cake mixes @ $.63. Regular price - $1.25. Saved $.62 each = $1.86 saved.

Three Halloween canned frosting to match the cake mixes @ $.75 each. Regular price - $1.50. Saved $.75 each = $2.25 saved.

The cake mixes and frosting may have said Halloween on them, but they just had fall colored sprinkles so it works for Thanksgiving or any fall dessert.

One bag of jumbo pumpkin shaped/colored marshmallows @ $1.50. Regular price - $2.98. Saved $1.48.

Since they were plain pumpkins and not Jack'o'lanterns, they worked for Thanksgiving as well (though they didn't last that long).

Four cans of International Coffee - Orange Cappuccino have been discontinued (again, and one of my favorite) were on a clearance cart. I was wishing there were more than just the four so I took all that was there. Price - $2.25 each. Regular price - $3.28. Saved $1.03 per can = $4.12 saved.

Two large bags of PayDay candy bar minis @ $2.34. Regular price - $4.68. Saved $2.34 each = $4.68 saved. (one bag didn't last long enough to get in the picture!)

That is a savings of $33.46. And my pantry was overstuffed once more. Not bad for one shopping trip and no coupons used.

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