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Friday, December 7, 2012

Newest project

This WAS my newest project. As you see by the date on the picture, it was taken over a month ago. I had added a few pictures to drafts at that time, with the intention of getting back here to write about them, but obviously life intervened big time.

This project is now finished and in the hands of the person that ordered it. The picture was taken after I had started on the second skein of a total of 10. The color is different than what shows up in the picture. It is really more purple and called Purple Haze - Lion Brands Homespun yarn. To me the colors look very much like red grapes. This is a very easy pattern, just all single crochet, so it works up rather quickly.

Since this was finished I started another afghan just like it but a different color for my 8 year old granddaughter. She saw this one and said she wanted one too. She had also said the same thing over a year ago when I gave one to her older sister for her high school graduation. I told her then that she had to wait until she graduated from high school. Since she is now only in 3rd grade, and I just turned 70, I realized I may not be around when she graduates! So I decided this could be her Christmas present. I never know what to get those kids so usually end up giving my daughter money to buy something for them in my name, or give them the cash so they can buy what they want.

That afghan is also now finished and ready to be wrapped. I have also been slowly working on the counted cross stitch project. I have all the regular stitches done, the metallic gold stitches and the outlining done. All that is left is attaching all the beads, and there are a lot of them. First, the fabric must be ironed and spray starched since it cannot be ironed once the beads are on it. I have never worked with the beads before so it could get interesting, to say the least. I did watch a couple of videos on youtube to see how it is done, and found two different ways of doing it. The pattern does not give instructions, just the color of the beads and where they are to go. I did use an orange colored pencil to mark each one on the graph so that it is easier to find. I have gone over the pattern at least three times and each time I find several that I missed the times before.  I will go over it one more time, and wonder how many more I find.

Very soon I need to decide on another afghan pattern and get the yarn so I can start on the afghan that will be donated to the church auction which is the first Wednesday in February. Time is going very fast! But first. . . Christmas letter to write and cards ready for mailing.

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