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Sunday, December 16, 2012


Friday was the time to hit the grocery store for their 2-day sale again. These are the bargains I got ~
~ Jack's 12" pizzas @ $1.98
~ store brand 8 oz bag shredded cheeses @ $1.48
~ Birds Eye Steamfresh frozen veggies @ .58
~ Birds Eye regular frozen veggies @ .58
~ 3 lb bags of frozen boneless chicken breasts @ $5.99
~ store brand 8 ct. hamburger buns @ .88
~ store brand 18 oz. peanut butter @ .88 - limit 2
(yes! 88 cents!)
~ store brand 56 oz square ice cream @ $1.28
      (advertised price was 1.99 but another store had theirs for 1.29, so this store allowed one at that low price and the rest at the advertised price)
~ store brand 5 lb bags white flour @ .88 - limit 2
~ 5 lb bag of Betty Crocker russet potatoes @ .88 w/coupon
~ Cheetos @ @ $2.50
~ Doritos @ $1.98
~ store brand gallon milk @ $2.88
I paid $3.98 for a gallon of 1% at Walmart last time. It has really gone up in price. Was getting it there for $3.29 -3.59 for awhile. I could have gone back yesterday and picked up more flour and peanut butter, and a few of the other good buys, but now my freezer is quite full! So it is time to stop shopping and start cooking.
And the last bargain I got was the local bakery's almond patties @ $3.99 - 6 per package. They regularly sell for $5.59 now. They are a much loved Dutch treat here in this Dutch county of Iowa. I have not seen them anywhere else, though they can most likely be found at Pella, IA as that is a big Dutch city. Below is a picture of one.

It is a flaky puff pastry similar to what is used in creme horns, and has a filling in the middle that is almond paste, then the dough is folded in half over the filling and baked. It is so good and so rich.

When I was in high school I had a good friend that was Dutch. She made almond bars that I thought were so good, and got the recipe from her, which I still have. But I have not made them for years so will have to dig to find it among my many cookbooks. I will post that later when I find it. It tastes similar to the above patties, but doesn't have the flaky crust.

I will add here that if anyone would like to taste these goodies, you can order some online from the bakery and have them shipped to you. My niece has done that to give as gifts. I will say, though, that doing that isn't exactly frugal (but worth it).

Here is the link:

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  1. Lorita, you got some really good deals. The pastry looks yummy!


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