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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Rain and more rain

Yes, we have been getting lots of rain in the last week, after having a very dry year last year. We have gotten a little more than 6" locally in the last couple of days, according to a nearby farmer's rain gauge. The official amount was listed at 3 1/2+". That is a big difference! Lots of people pumping water out of their basements and it is sad for those who have finished basements as so many do today. We have a 70% chance of a large amount of rain again tonight and tomorrow, and still a chance for the next day or two. We have also had dense fog the past two nights so things are a bit sticky today.

I am not spending much time on the computer right now so my posts are going to be few and far between at times. I am devoting most of my time working on the last two Bible study lessons of the Covenant study we are doing. We are taking a break for the summer but I do want to get these last two finished so I can put it all away for the summer. I just have the last lesson left now as I finished typing up the first of the two. I get truly blessed all over again when I type them up. I took this study twice before as a student, and now am teaching it, and being reminded of all the things I have forgotten over the years since last taking it. If anyone reading this would like to take it, I will be more than happy to tell you where to get the study book, plus send you copies of the information I have to go with it.

I was looking at my bare pots on the patio and reminded of the seeds I started in late winter and the little pot garden I had. I did none of that this year. I just could not get excited about it , especially with the late, cold, snow and icy spring we had for one thing. And I just don't have the energy to work at it. I haven't even bought any bedding plants for flowers yet. I might just end up moving the bare dirt filled pots to the garage and out of sight for this year, unless someone wants to volunteer filling them for me. ☺

I plan to spend a lot of time decluttering this summer as well. I need to work on paper clutter for the most part, but I know there are some clothes in the closet that I haven't work for a long time and should move out to another home.

I have kept busy knitting caps for Goodwill again, while watching my favorite TV shows. I am getting down to the bottom of the can of yarn, so once that is gone I will move onto something else. I do have a couple of sewing projects that I had planned several months ago so might be so moved to start on them.

I am sorry I have no pictures to add here. I just have not been taking any. I should have taken one of the cans of Pillsbury Grands biscuits, caramel rolls and Cinnabon rolls that I bought last week. I went to the local store, which I don't go to very often as their regular prices are quite high. Loss leaders are often quite good, and I sometimes go there when I only need milk and bread and it doesn't pay to drive to the cheaper stores. This time I found a basket sitting in the open dairy case and it was full of the cans of biscuits and rolls for $1.50 each. I took most of them! I had recently read on a blog that they can be frozen right in the can so how lucky to find them on clearance! They were going to expire in a couple of days, so I baked one can of biscuits and one of caramel rolls, then froze the rest. This store's regular price for them is close to $4 each. I think WM has them for around $3.69 the last I looked. So I think I got a pretty good deal - providing they really do freeze well.

Speaking of bargains and money, I am still waffling between buying things I really want, or continue living without so that I can stay as close to my budget and income as possible. Notice I said 'want'. I can live without these things, but at age 70, how many years do I have left? So why not enjoy what I can? But if I do that, what if I live longer than expected and I run out of money? Did I ever mention that I hate making decisions??

So, should I end on this note, or should I find something else to write about? ☺ I have made my decision and am going to go play Mahjongg Dark Dimensions so I don't have to think so hard. I am tired of thinking. That takes energy and I don't have any left.


  1. Hi Lorita, I've just been able to catch up on all your news again. Like you, I don't have a lot of time to visit my favourite blogs. So now and again I try to pop in to a couple. Not feeling like gardening? ..... I'm feeling the same way at the moment. It will wait. I'm getting good at staying withing my grocery budget too. I'm trying to save a few dollars as I think I'm going to need it in the near future. Sue

  2. I love that red swing on your porch! I've always wanted that - or one of those gliders with the awnings.

    We've gotten a lot of rain also this year. And now it has been super hot!

    Linda in VA


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