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Thursday, May 16, 2013

View From My Window

Peter Cottontail was here for a visit.

Felix watching Peter.
I noticed Felix was looking at something very intently below the window, so naturally curiosity also got me and had to get up and look. Peter did not move so much as a whisker or blink an eye for many minutes. Then Felix climbed into the window and lay there to watch at leisure. I finally saw Peter chew a time or two, but the head never moved, nor eye blinked, nor a twitch of an ear. Amazing how long they can sit there frozen in place.
This is one of two bunnies that I saw playing together earlier. It seems to me that they both have lighter fur than the usual cottontail. I wonder if they get lighter fur for winter and since we had such a cold spring, they haven't gotten their summer fur yet?
By the looks of that tape on the hole in the screen, I think I better get a new piece when I wash windows. This one is pretty dirty. You aren't able to see it in the picture but there are several small holes in the screen, and that is because last year a cat outside decided to jump up on the screen in the middle of the night, and then climbed up the screen with his/her sharp claws. Felix was sitting in the window watching him at the time, so maybe he didn't realize there was a screen there? Felix never flinched or said a word the whole time.

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