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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Ten Days on the Run

At least it seems like I have been on the run for 10 days. I have sort of taken a vacation from email and blogging. Sometimes the brain just needs to take a break, right??

The last time I posted - 10 days ago - I reported that my daughter had been here from Madison for a quick visit, and to introduce me to her special friend. That was January 11. She stayed a week with her dad  50 miles from here, in Minnesota, while he was recovering from knee replacement surgery. She really wanted me to drive up there during the week so we could talk more, but the weather was nasty, including a blizzard when no one went anywhere! Then it was sever cold and -25 to -30 windchill. There was no way I would even attempt to leave the house, much less drive 50 miles there and back.

On the 17th, my other daughter, from Omaha, and her twins came up there to help out for a couple of days since the twins didn't have school on Monday because of MLK Day. She stopped here on the way back home on Monday. She had planned to leave at 3 pm as it is a 2 1/2 hour drive from here on a good day, and since the kids had school the next day and she had to go to work very early the next morning, she really wanted to be home at a good time. And she should have left at that time, or even a little earlier. We were getting some light snow, but when she finally got ready to leave around 4, the snow was heavier and the car windows had ice/snow on them that had to be scraped off before she could leave.

She called me later and said it was white-out conditions and the highways were solid ice for about the first 40 miles, and she crawled at 25-30 mph because of the ice. After that the roads were clear even though it was still snowing lightly. They did make it home safely  so that was a relief.

 This week I stayed busy too. I made arrangements with Bonnie and Julie to start our early morning Bible study on the 17th, but since we had not met since the end of April, we just needed a morning to catch up on our activities over the summer, so that is what we did. Yesterday we actually started working on the study by reviewing what we had studied before we stopped for the summer. Next Friday we will start the new lesson so that means more prep work for me this coming week.

Besides doing a little prep work for the lesson review this past week, I had an appointment with the doctor for a med check on Thursday. I had a nice chat with her and everything seems okay so she just renewed my prescriptions again for 6 months. At that time I will need a full panel of lab tests again.

And surprise of all surprises - I didn't have to stop at Walmart for anything, so went through the McDonald's drive-thru for a late lunch, and headed home. I tried one of their new $1 menu sandwiches. I can't remember what it is called but it was a single, small hamburger with a spicy bbq sauce and I think some small pieces of battered/fried onions. It was tasty, but very small. I also must have a small order of their french fries. I know, they are not the healthiest thing to eat, but I love them. I only get them once or twice a month when I do my major shopping trips. And I only get a small order just to satisfy my craving for them. I would love to get a large order, but I restrain myself. I wish I could restrain myself like that when it comes to eating sugar!

I probably should have stopped at Walmart after all, and looked for some yarn. When my granddaughter was here on Monday, she asked if I remembered she had asked me to make an afghan blanket for her American Girl doll. No, I had not remembered, though I vaguely think she probably did, but I had other things on my mind at the time. Since then I have looked online for patterns and found a whole board devoted to American Girl doll clothes patterns and ideas. So I think that may be my next project as soon as I get the yarn.

Her older sister is busy planning her wedding as she got engaged on Christmas day! She has told me she isn't getting married right away, but she already has decided on many things and will be looking at dresses in a bridal shop on February 10. That is the date of my parent's anniversary, married 82 years ago. She, her mom, and MIL-to-be are busy pinning wedding ideas on Pinterest, too. Isn't that just the handiest site?? I love it.

I have some ideas for other blog posts so am going to sign off for now, and will see if I can get those others started and scheduled for publishing.


  1. hi Lorita, nice to hear what you have been up.

    1. My 10 days on the run are pretty tame compared to the rest of you, but this was busy for me. I have been enjoying your blog postings as well.


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