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Saturday, February 8, 2014

"America's Smartest Car"

I have spent a good share of this morning scanning several old things that I will be sharing here in the future. I have really gotten off my schedule of posting themes, haven't I? For now, I am not going to follow that since I have all these other things I would like to post, so you will be getting whatever I feel like doing. Once I get back to decluttering and more housekeeping (if ever!) I will be reporting on that as well. But for now, you will get what you get! You might get the idea that I am obsessed with 'old things' right now.

Here is the subject for today ~

Isn't this interesting? I never heard of this car, did you? This is the front of a postcard that my grandma sent to my parents on October 11, 1940.

I was curious to know more about this car so found this site online and added the link here in case you would like to check it out, too.


As I googled the name, this picture is one that came up! It was their advertising in 1940. I find it interesting that Mom kept this as the message on the back was nothing special other than I think she included a belated happy birthday to Mom since the postmark was several days after her birthday, and had to come to Iowa all the way from California. You remember the term 'penny post card'? It has a one cent stamp on it. I wonder how long it took to get here in those days.

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