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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Instant Coffee Mix

As I was searching for a picture of coffee to add to this post, lo and behold, I found this! What could be more perfect that a red heart shaped cup for February? Notice the two handles on the cup. I am not quite sure how you would drink out of this cup. What do you think?

Since so much of the country is still having some extremely cold temperatures, I thought you might like to try this. I love the General Foods International Coffee mixes but they get expensive. Some time ago I found some mixes at hillbillyhousewife.com that are very good. Here is one of my favorites.


1/3 cup instant coffee
1 cup instant dry milk powder
1/2 cup powdered coffee creamer
1/3 cup sugar
1/4 cup store-bought instant vanilla pudding mix

Measure all of the ingredients into a clean, dry bowl. Use a fork to combine everything evenly. If you are ambitious, you can powder everything in a blender. I don'r always do this because I am lazy. You do get really impressive results from it though, and it is easier to do than one would expect. Transfer the mixture to a resealable container, or a pretty jar. This makes a good gift, especially in the winter time.

To Prepare: Place 1/4 cup of dry cafe mix into a coffee cup. Add hot water to fill up the cup (about 3/4 cut hot water). Stir and serve. You will have to adjust the amount if you use the large mugs like I do.

The comment about being lazy is hers, not mine, but I am also lazy so have never put it in the blender, mainly because I don't like washing the blender afterward. If I had a dishwasher I might do it.

You can even make this almost sugar free by using the equivalent amount of a sugar substitute. I am not sure about using sugar free pudding mix since the measurement would not be the same. It could be worth experimenting with it. If anyone tries that, let us know in the comments how much sugar free pudding you used. This is even more frugal if you use store brand products.

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