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Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Well, life got in the way again. I had done some notes as a draft here on what I decluttered on June 28, which was considered the end of the month-long challenge in our group, thinking I was going to add to the list before I posted. It is also a good thing that I had written several posts before June 28 to be published later, or you would not have heard from me for a long time.

But first, the decluttering report:

On the night of June 27 I started reading a book about simplifying life, which includes decluttering. This book is set up with  a different task for each day, although for me, as slow as I am, some of those tasks can take more than one day. The first task was to clean out the underwear drawer(s), so that is what I did the next day. And here is the list of things I got rid of:
  • ten (10) bras - do not fit well, several like new
  • two (2) bras tossed out - not in good enough shape to donate
  • three (3) new pair of white cotton panties, never worn - 3 sizes too small
been in the drawer, waiting for me to lose weight again. (ha!)

Isn't it interesting that I still have enough good bras to wear a clean one every day for a week? Why in the world was I hanging on to all the others?? Thinking I would lose weight, for one reason, as far as the nicer ones go. But some were already several years old and I still haven't lost the weight. I am hoping now that I got rid of them, I will finally start losing. That IS the way it works, isn't it?

I would say that was a pretty good start! I must admit they are not out of the house yet, but have gone into the donate box. When that box is full it goes into the back of the van so that when I get to a place to donate them, I will have them with me and no excuses.

Now to explain how life intervened in my blogging. Right after I had made the above note on decluttering I received word that an elderly cousin had passed away. It was expected since she had suffered a severe stroke a week before and never woke up from that. Then I was busy letting some of the cousins and other relatives know, and passing on to them the details of the funeral. The two second cousins that I recently met up with said they would be there, so I was determined to try and get to the visitation and funeral as well.

The visitation was on July 1 in the late afternoon, and the funeral the next day at 2 pm. This all took place 55 miles from me, so that meant two round trips of 110 miles each. My body was not cooperating either day so it was difficult getting around, but I am so glad I got there both days. For one reason, my second-cousins and I were the only family on this cousin's side, which is sad. And the second reason is that we all enjoyed getting reacquainted with other second cousins that we had not seen since we were little kids.

Losing track of relatives so often happens when you all grow up and move away, and parents have been gone for many years, and decades in my case. And since some of us have become interested in genealogy we shared stories and memories of our parents and grandparents. It all ended too soon! I think we all could have sat there several more hours and talked. Someone suggested that we should all get together soon and share what we have found working on genealogy, and looking at old pictures of ancestors. I am now one of four cousins left, and one of those is 92 years old, and the rest of us are in our 70's. All the aunts and uncles are gone, so we have no one to get answers from, and since we cousins are aging, there will soon be none of us to pass information on, unless we do it now. I sure wish our parents had done that. So one of us needs to plan a family reunion of sorts, and I am thinking toward the end of summer or early fall. We will see who will end up doing that, and I am afraid it might be me!

Back to that week, the day after the funeral I was totally worn out, but the two gals who come to my weekly Bible study had agreed to meet that morning for our final class for the summer. We had set the date before I knew there would be a funeral. I did not want to cancel the  meeting as I did not want to prolong things any longer, and so we met here at 8 am. My house was not in very good condition after the week I had, but I did manage to make it look half-way decent with what little energy I had. We had a very good wrap up of the study and very good discussion. We also set the date for starting again in the fall so that we don't procrastinate when the time comes.

The ladies were here until about 10:30, and I got so sleepy by 12:30 I went back to bed and slept past 3:00! I even went to bed early that night. On the 4th, I had to make a trip to Walmart in the morning as I was out of cat food and litter, milk and cereal, and a few other things. It was a struggle to get everything in the house as tired as I was. The cold stuff got put away and the rest sat there for another day. And I again took a long nap that afternoon. So much for an exciting July 4th, huh. I was thankful I did not have any plans to be truthful, as I would have either cancelled or not been very good company anyway. It took me until Monday to recover from that week.

Now I need to get back to that simple living book and work on more decluttering. I feel procrastination coming on. Are there any medications for that?

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