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Tuesday, June 12, 2012


 After the Memorial Weekend Storm

Here are 2 pictures taken about a week after that Sunday night 
 storm we had with 73 mph straight winds. It is rather hard to tell, but in the very center of the picture is the pile of trees and limbs that were blown down in the storm from all over town. The leaves were green when they were put there but are now turning brown when the picture was taken. By the house behind the pile you can see that the pile is about as high as the house and almost as long as the parking lot they are piled on.  This is just part of it, as there were lots of branches taken to the city tree dump by individuals themselves rather than the city. The city employees and firemen did a super job in the clean-up, starting at 5 am the next morning and finished by noon. They started on the west side of town and worked east. It is great to see everyone working together and so efficiently as well.

I am very thankful that I had no green branches or limbs down on my yard. There were many small, dead twigs and branches, and just a few larger, also dead, branches that were 3-4" diameter size scattered around the yard. They were all easy enough for me to carry. I had a large plastic garbage can stuffed full of the smaller ones, and a fair pile of the larger and longer ones that didn't fit in a can. The landlord took them to the dump for me after a few days. It was tedious work for me and took me over an hour to get it done. It is a little disappointing that not one person offered to help, or even check to see if I had any trees down. And I didn't even start picking up until Tuesday, when everyone else was done. The landlord was camping over the weekend so wasn't even here. He only had one medium green branch fall next to the mailboxes, but the city picked that up and he didn't have any work to do when they got home. It is times like this that you really appreciate a husband to help with the clean-up. But I got it done and should not complain. I would have called for help if there had been limbs too big for me to handle, providing the city did not take them away.

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