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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Color My World

These are my bargain flowers that I got - some of them at 1/2 price, and all reduced at least some. This is the ivy leaf geranium. This came from Walmart. Notice the sad looking window box planters in the left rear, and how the birds and squirrels have destroyed the coco fiber liners.

 Petunias and marigolds. I got the marigolds to plant around the tomato plant that is supposed to keep the bugs away. They looked really sad when I got them as they were bone dry. I did deadhead the marigolds and they look better this morning after a good watering yesterday and rain early this morning. (Walmart)
Stawberry plant with 3 runners already. There are a few colorful blooms and a couple of small strawberries starting to form. I think there had been some earlier but now gone. Hope I can keep the birds away. I am still trying to decide if I will put this in one of the window boxes or not. (Walmart)
 Tall begonias that look quite healthy. Halp price at the greenhouse.
 Impatience. The one has pretty red flowers that look similar to little roses. The other doesn't have any flowers on at the moment so don't know if it is the same as the other or not. Half price from the greenhouse.
 Aren't these geraniums pretty colors? Also half price at the greenhouse.

Since the first picture of the strawberry plant didn't show the runners I tried to get another picture. I have them temporarily sitting in the pot where I have the two surviving tomato plants. Still not the best picture. For some reason I could not see the image on the camera as I was taking the pictures so it was sort of just aim and shoot and hope I got what I wanted. All these pictures are taking on my back patio which has a roof over half of it.

Next is getting these all in their permanent pots.

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  1. Very pretty flowers and even better that they were half price! Woohoo!!


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