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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Past Paint Projects

When I painted that porch swing red I also painted these two items. This is on my back patio, but you only get to see a tiny bit of it. The back door is just outside the picture to the left. The summer I did this turned out to be very hot and very humid/muggy, and one could work up a sweat just by sitting outside. So it was not fun painting then. I tried to only work on them early in the mornings before it got too hot. Now I am thinking about painting multi-tiered plant stand a light, but bright green to use outside. That doesn't quite fit into the patriotic theme, tho, does it. I am hoping it will be a nice accent anyway. I also have an old cream can that was painted black back in the 60's when it was popular. It really needs to be painted again as it is looking pretty tough. I was thinking navy blue. What do you think? The rest of the blue on the house - shutters and door trim - is a lighter country blue, which is now very faded. The whole house and shutters need painting so badly, but that doesn't seem to be high on the landlord's priority list either. It actually needs new siding as some of it is getting rotten and warped. I feel like I am living in a slum area by the looks of the outside of the house, but the area actually is very nice and very neat. It is just my house that looks so shabby. I so hope people don't think I own this house! But if I did, it would not look this bad.

The small bench still sits there but a little closer to the door. It is really handy to set shopping bags on while unlocking the door, but during the summer I have 3 cactus plants on it. It was formerly yellow with white legs. It has a long history as it was on the family farm where I grew up for as long as I can remember, so it must be at least 70 years old and probably older. I would like to know if my dad made it. It is very simply made with 1x4's and 2x2 legs, but quite sturdy for all those years.

The brown table was in my husband's basement for years. It was black and at one time someone had put black and white marble contact paper on the top and the fronts of the small drawers. It is hard to see those drawers in the picture as the glass knobs are off for painting, and the drawers are flush with the spaces they fit into. I washed up the glass knobs and they practically look new. The screws that old them on were very rusty so I did buy new ones.

At first I put this behind the couch which sits midway in the room and divides the room, so is not against the wall. Later I decided the blue sewing desk would look better behind the blue couch, and I could sort of hide any sewing project there. And so moved the brown table to the kitchen where the desk had been. It is so much handier there as I keep mailing supplies like envelopes, return address labels, postage stamps in one drawer. The other seems to have collected all the other things one doesn't know where to put them. I originally thought it would be for decks of cards, spare batteries, some pens and notepads, paper clips, etc. But a whole bunch of other things have been shoved in there as well and so now is stuffed beyond full most of the time.

I should apologize for making the landlord sound so bad. They are really very nice people, and live right next door. But it is a puzzle to me why things are being let go for so long.

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  1. I LOVE the red that you painted the swing and bench. I love that color. The swing looks so pretty on your porch!


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