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Saturday, June 2, 2012


There has been some discussion on house cleaning in my online group. I have not done very much this spring, so far. I hate to admit it but it is true. Awhile back I had taken a vase down from the collection you see below the long shelf. That is the top of my kitchen hutch. That vase was really dusty and dirty, so thought I better check the others and they were just as bad! Mmm. Never noticed it before. Time to get them all down and washed, so did that one day this week. There was a large, tall crystal vase that was there as well, but it is now on my kitchen table, holding 3 solar lights. Those solar lights need to get in some sun as they did not light up last night. They make for a good nightlight, but mostly got them for emergency light when the power goes off. They aren't bright but at least gives enough light to go find a flashlight or light  candles.

Now I need someone to come and get on a ladder to get everything down from that long shelf so I can wash those too. Looking at the picture I think that shelf should have been centered above the two doorways instead of the center of the wall. Oh, well. It won't get moved. Some of the things on that shelf - the two teakettles were in my husband's basement. I am so surprised his daughter did not want them as she was grabbing all the antiques and collectibles, but some of what she thought were antique were really junk and totally falling apart from being in the basement for so many years. I think the green one is so cute. Not sure this picture shows it off very well. Next are a couple of tins. They are not old but I like them. The first one has a picture of a big cat on it. The other is a Hershey tin. Then a brass candlestick I found at a garage sale several years ago. I thought I was going to collect brass things but that has not happened. Then a smaller tin laying on it's side. After that is a small crock with a lid. It is also not antique, but one I bought in the Iowa Amana Colonies many years ago. Then there is a smaller crock with a blue heart on the front, also not antique but a gift from a friend. The last two items are pottery pots with bamboo handles. The larger one I found at a Goodwill store and fell in love with it. The other is one that I also received as a gift.

The taller green vases were also in my husband's basement and his daughter did not want. I think they are really neat. The rest of the things are crystal gifts we recieved - candy dish w/ cover, candlesticks, 3 footed bowl that currently has pot pourri in it, and a few other vases. (and at least those are clean!)
This is the short shelf hanging above the microwave cart. This still needs to be washed as well. The pair of owls are salt and pepper shakers that my son gave me as a gift when he was maybe 8 or 9 years old. The blue plate is a Goodwill find, and the green pitcher came from a garage sale I think, and thought I was going to put a little flower arrangement in it but that hasn't happened. The taller brown/beige pitcher w/dried material came from my ex-husband's great aunt. The plate beside it was a moving away gift from some friends in a town a few moves ago. It has a nice saying about friends on it. All the old utensiles were also in my husband's basement that his daughter didn't think were worth anything. The slotted spoon has advertizing on it, and the end of the handle is a bottle opener. The claw like thing also has advertizing and I am not sure what it is for. Don't know if you can tell that the long squarish thing on the left is a grater. The little square frame is a gift as well, and is cut paper. I think I need to go straighten it out a bit.  I guess instead of sitting here and writing about this, I should be in there and washing them!


  1. Hi Lorita, nice collections you have.
    it is amazing how dirty that stuff gets just sitting up high on a shelf.

  2. I never notice the dust either until I start seeing that everything is gray! LOL! What a clever idea to use the solar lights for when electricity goes out!


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