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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Down Memory Lane - Snow!

I thought you might like to see something cold on these hot summer days.
The snow was deep in March 1951
I was 8 years old. It is a little hard to see in the lower photo, but there is a path from the back door, where Mom was standing to take the picture, out to the gate posts. That is Dad scooping the driveway. All snow removal was done by hand scooping. Tedious work. Not only did the driveway have to be cleared, but paths to each building - barn, hog house, chicken house, feed house, garage. Look close and you see me riding one of the work horses. Behind me, the white building is the brooder house for baby chicks, and to the right is the hog house. Far right, outside the picture is the highway.

A better picture of me riding the horse down the driveway. Look how high the snow piles are. Some are higher than the top of my head as I sit on the horse. It was a lot of work to sling that snow so high. And by thelooks of the slush on the driveway, it must have been heavy, wet snow too. Isn't that horse a beauty? I think both of them were roans. I love horses and I always begged for a regular riding horse, and not one of the old work horses. But I never got my wish.

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  1. My dad passed away 9 years ago, but told us a few stories before his time here ended. One of those was how there was a big snow here, and the drifts were so high that they sat on top of one and looked down at the trains going through. I remember drifts to the top of our front porch once or twice, but we don't have anything to compare anymore.


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