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Monday, July 8, 2013

This 'n' That - Nothing

I just spent all afternoon scanning old photos, then uploading them to the blog for future Down Memory Lane posts. But I have nothing prepared for today!

I did pick up one idea that I saw on another blog a couple of days ago that I hope to do this year. She was doing a year of 'less' - in other words, decluttering. She would take pictures or write about all the things she got rid of day by day. I have been trying to declutter for a few years now and never quite get to the point I want to be. So by doing this, I hope to be spurred on to make a point of getting rid of 'stuff'. I might be a little slow in getting started as I have some other things that I need to work on. My posts may be a bit irregular for this next week or so as I really, really need to work on that last Bible study lesson for this fall. I said I wanted to have it finished before summer, but here we are with the first week of July already gone and I haven't started it yet. So that has become my priority for this week.

I will start off on the decluttering that I did the other day. I threw out 3 pair of underwear that should not have been worn as long as they were! They were so bad that I would not take a picture of them to show you. There are a few others that should be removed as well, but they aren't as bad so will wear them at least one more time. I will have to save my pennies so I can buy another package of new underwear. I also have some bras that should have been tossed a long time ago, so some new ones are on the list to buy as well.

So here is my list so far --

3 pair of undies

That's it for now.


  1. That's a start! I am due cluttering and organizing too and it is already making life easier

  2. I've been decluttering a bit in the past year also. I've donated a bunch of clothes I can't/don't wear anymore - also many pairs of high heels that I used to wear when I worked in my offices.... I've been trying to get rid of other types of clutter too - papers and so on. One thing I've been doing also is moving things around - switching pictures on my walls around - changing my vignettes on my tables. Just for a "fresh" look....

    Linda in VA


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