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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Down Memory Lane - Happy Birthday America!

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Two hundred and thirty seven years ago America gained its Independence and became a free nation. Does it seem that this country has forgotten the reason the why and how this took place? I am hearing all the time that schools are not teaching true history, and that our kids are now history illiterate. How sad! I have to admit I didn't like history class very much. But that was mostly because I can never remember dates and timelines, so when it came to taking tests, I didn't do very well. And it is quite possible that the teachers did not make it interesting enough to be memorable. It also seems to me that the people in Washington, DC, have lost sight of the history of our country and the direction our forefathers wanted this country to go.
Do any of you remember an old tv commercial with an Native American was looking down at the destruction man has done to earth, then turns to the camera with a tear rolling down his cheek? That is the way I feel today with our government.
Today is a national holiday. There will be firework displays tonight or some time during the weekend. Picnics, barbecues, foods and decorations with lots of American flags and red, white and blue colors. Some people with have a flag flying at home, but even more will not.
I hope you will each take the time during your celebrations to remember why we have this holiday and wave your flag.
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Happy 4th!

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