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Monday, July 22, 2013

This 'n' That - Decluttering

Here are some of the things I have decluttered so far. They aren't out of the house yet, but as soon as I get a box in from the garage, they will be donated. I am thinking about listing a couple of the cookbooks on our local swap FB page, but if they don't sell, they will be donated with the others. There are also several different Curves member diet guides and a Curves hardcover book that I might also try to sell first.

1. 5 cookbooks
2. 5 Curves books
3. small glass dish ( I have several nice crystal dishes, don't need this cheap glass) I never use it
4. 2 wicker bread bowls - maybe used once or twice since moving here. I kept one fancier one if I ever need one for dinner buns
5. 5 white dish towels ( they are sort of silky and don't dry well)
6. 1 dish cloth that is going to the rag box
7. 4 fleece squares - I cut to use on Swiffer sweeper but now I only have carpeted floors and don't use a Swiffer
8. about 7 (or more) white flour dishtowels (not pictured) that I gave my daughter. I still have more than enough to last me forever.
9. 1 small white platter (also didn't get a picture as I gave it to my daughter) I had ordered it online and was disappointed that it wa so small and shallow. Should have sent it back but it was a clearance item, and naturally I thought I would use it anyway. But that didn't, and isn't going to happen.

I don't have pictures yet of the stacks of magazines and papers culled from file folders. I might also take pictures of the newspapers that will be going to the recycle tub as they tend to pile up before I get them all read, and then the whole stack gets taken out. But that is a recurring thing so not really downsizing.

So I have a good start and need to keep the momentum going.

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  1. I can tell you have been busy decluttering and cleaning! Great stack of things to donate or sale.


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