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Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Nearly perfect red/orange tree in
my neighborhood.

Someone who lived in this home several years ago
planted 4 trees that turn red. It is the only one in town with
this many, that I know of.
I also like the golden yellow tree to the right. It showed
up very brilliant on this day.

This house belongs to a friend of mine. She is so good at decorating and crafting things from 'junk'.
Every holiday gets its own decoration son the porch and front yard. I am afraid my picture doesn't
do it justice. Notice the row of painted pumpkins at the bottom?

Here is another porch on the same street, different block. That corner is also decorated for every holiday.

Here is a close-up. I think she must be a Pinterest fan because of all the
milk jugs with faces for ghosts.

I go past these two houses every time I go to the post office or bank and it is always interesting.

That is a little tour of the highlights in my neighborhood.

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  1. Lorita - I always like to look at porches as I drive around in my county. It is fun to see how everyone decorates for each season.


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