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Tuesday, October 21, 2014


This was a beautiful fall day, and you can see in the pictures that there was not a cloud in the sky and is the prettiest blue!

Actually, this is taken from my patio to get a better picture,
but it IS what I see from my south kitchen window.
I love this red-orange tree.

Panning to the left of the above picture -
naked trees! So far there is just a few of them.

My front yard totally covered with leaves, most of them from the
closest tree.You can see behind that tree is the
white birch that still has most of its leaves.
Closer view. I am so glad I don't have to clean them up.
Either the church youth will be removing them on Saturday,
or the landlord will do it later.

This is the huge old maple that towers behind my house and garage.
You can just see the garage peak and house roof at the bottom.
The picture doesn't do it justice but it is really hard to catch it.

Here I was standing between the house and
 and looking almost straight up.

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