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Friday, April 11, 2014


I bought this Dawn Platinum Power Clean some time ago. The reason I bought it is because it states "power of an overnight soak in 3 minutes". That really grabbed my attention since I don't wash dishes very often, depending on how often I actually cook. Some weeks all I have in the sink for the whole week are coffee mugs, cereal and soup bowls, spoons and knives that buttered toast plus peanut butter or jam. The rest is washing the recyclable plastics from yogurt containers and the food trays in microwavable meals. That's sad, I know. Occasionally I will have a frying pan or two waiting to be washed as well.

That means those dishes and pans have been sitting there dirty for several days and they need to be soaked. This stuff really works!! And it works well. I like it much better than the regular Dawn, which I always buy as it works better than other brands for the water we have here. It works great for those yucky frying pans and baked on food in casseroles, whether they are washed the same day or a day or two later.

So if you need something like this, I highly recommend you try it. This is my own personal experience and I have not be paid to tell you about it.

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