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Friday, April 25, 2014


More branches down on the yard!

But this time, not from a storm. 
My next door neighbor had 3 trees cut down on Tuesday.  By the time I saw what was happening, they already had all those branches down. (above)

The guy in the bucket is WAAAY up there! That is a very old maple tree that is huge. I have one like it, even bigger, on my yard. Mine probably should come down as well, but I don't think the landlord wants to spend the money. It costs a LOT to have a tree service take out a tree.

They start out at the lower limbs and cut off the branches, and then work their way up to the top, then get a larger power saw and start cutting the thicker parts into more manageable logs that just fall to the ground.

I didn't get to see them take the bottom of the trunk out as I had company. By the time I got back there they had already removed the stump and were working on a couple of stubborn roots. All that is left is a big hole. The neighbor is lucky my tree is still standing or he might regret taking his down because he would not have any shade from the afternoon sun. The side of the house you can see is facing west.

At the same time the maple was coming down, another man with another boom truck was working on a huge evergreen tree at the front of the house. It was a very pretty tree and healthy, so I hate to see it gone as well. It sheltered a lot of birds and a rabbit or two. The bottom branches went all the way to the ground. I would have liked to see him just have the branches trimmed up 4 or 5 feet above ground. I saw several birds watching what was going on, and I am sure they were not happy. I hope there weren't any nests with eggs in that tree.

This picture may give you a little more perspective. You can see the back end of the first truck that worked on the maple, and the front end of the second truck working on the evergreen.

With the big evergreen gone I now have a better view of the street as I sit here at the computer.
I did mention they had 3 trees removed. There was a smaller tree or tall bush close to the foundation at the front of the house. I always did think it was too close to the house. That is now gone as well.

Now I wonder if he is going to build a deck where the patio door is. Time will tell.

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