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Tuesday, April 8, 2014


I just read that you don't have to organize as you declutter. You have permission to just declutter first. Once you are done, then you can organize what is left. That makes good sense to me. But I catch myself thinking that I need to clean, and organize at the same time I am decluttering. Is that how you feel too? I suspect that is exactly why I never seem to get around to decluttering, or don't stay at it if I do start. I may have to keep reminding myself that I have permission to focus only on decluttering. I AM the only one living in this house, so the only one I have to answer to is myself.

Now, do I declutter the whole house first, and then start cleaning? Then do I get all the cleaning done before I start organizing? Hmm.

I am inclined to think that I need to do it one room at a time. I think that will keep me more focused, otherwise I get too distracted and never get anything done.

Where should I start? I would guess that I need to do the public areas of the house first, right? So why do I always want to start in my bedroom? And work on closets and pantry where most people will never see anyway?

I think a decluttered, organized and clean bedroom is necessary for good rest. At the other house I did quite well in keeping the bedroom tidy. But in this house? Not so much. For one, it is too crowded. For another the computer desk and filing cabinet are also in the bedroom because there is no room anywhere else in this house where it can go, and that creates its own clutter. If there were room I would set up a screen in front of the computer so that I don't have to look at the clutter all the time. Every bit of wall space in this house has something in front of it, and it isn't that I have a lot of furniture, but I do have some large pieces, such as the antique upright piano in the living room, as well as a large entertainment center, and a large dresser with hutch/ mirror on top that overpowers the bedroom. Small, one bedroom houses with no basement or second floor can be a problem. It is a good thing that what I collect is paper - magazine articles, recipes, etc. That does take up some room but not as much as antiques and other collectible items.

I have rambled on long enough. I had intended to write a different post tonight, but then noticed this draft sitting here unfinished. At least I can say that I finished something today! Meanwhile the decluttering, organizing and cleaning are waiting for me.

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  1. I tend to do the declutter, clean and organize thing. And I do it my way, which is one shelf or one cabinet door at a time. It works for me for the most part. I keep acquiring furniture lately and really need to see if I can't let some of it go, but I do have empty space too. It's the breakfast area. I haven't had a table there since Katie moved last June and took my cafe set...which we never used anyway. Now I just want to put a couple of chairs and a tray table to sit coffee on in that space because we both like to sit back there and sometimes when my brother comes in it's where he sits to talk. I'm rambling this evening.


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