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Wednesday, April 30, 2014


I think everyone in the northern part of the country is wondering where spring is. It is cold and damp today, just as it was yesterday. The high for the day barely reached 40 degrees yesterday and still only 39 this morning as I write this. And there is enough wind to make it feel even cooler. We do appreciate the light rains we are getting, but we want WARM rain! There is even talk of a slight chance of snow in the forecast. Not much, but none of us really want to see any white stuff that starts with S on the ground right now, unless it is SAND! Nice warm sand. I have to keep reminding myself that God is in control and He makes no mistakes.

I dropped in today as I wanted to reply to Jeannette, who left a comment here recently. So nice to have you join me, Jeannette! I also thought I needed to change the picture at the top of the blog. No more winter! Since we are into spring, even if the weather doesn't look like it, it is time to put spring on this page. We can at least pretend it is spring and enjoy some pretty plants.

I never did get around to planting any flowers last year and I missed that. And now, looking at some that I did two years ago, I know I need to have some flowers on my patio again this year. If it ever warms up to get them planted.

I am still very busy working on genealogy. If any of you are working on yours, you might understand the pull to keep digging. There was not much known about my ancestors, and I was unsuccessful in getting answers in the beginning. But now, by teaming up with a few other distant relatives, we are making discoveries right and left! When one mystery seems to be solved, another one pops up. Others will ask a question which sends us digging again. So my life is totally wrapped up in 'digging up bones.'  (I always did love that song done by Randy Travis.) I was just thinking last night about the wealth of information on family there is on the computer. So far all my research has been either on the internet, or through exchange of information by email. That wasn't even possible about 15 years ago! I am very thankful to all the people who have gone to the work of digitizing so many records and putting them online for all of us to access.

In case you have not discovered findagrave.com yet, this is a wonderful site for finding graves of ancestors, including pictures of many of them. But I have discovered that the graves of many of my local family are not there, which surprises me. So I need to make a trip and take some pictures and put them on the site this summer. I would suggest to you, to check for your family member tombstones on the site, and if they are not there, take your camera along when you visit the cemetery on Memorial Day, and get those pictures! Maybe you could even take photos of each stone in the row or a few rows, and put those online, too. Someone will appreciate it someday.

This week I also need to work on a new lesson for our Friday morning Bible study, and I need to run to the next town one of these days to get my new (expensive) eyeglasses. I haven't had new glasses for several years so am really past due for them, but I really did not want to spend the money. And then the doctor said I will need cataract surgery done on my right eye in another year or two. Not happy with that news, but expected. At least Medicare should pay for the surgery, unless Obamacare changes that, too.

I have a long list of things I plan to blog about, but right now it is a matter of making the time between Bible study, genealogy, and regular daily living needs. Who ever said that you have lots of free time when you are retired?? I never have enough time!

And with that, I must get busy as I have much to do today that is not on the computer. May you all have a good and blessed day. See you next time!

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