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Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Tuesday, June 3

I didn't think I was going to get anything done today. I woke up tired after the big day yesterday, plus it was a dark, overcast day that tends to make me tired as well.

Before I even took a sip of coffee I called my niece who cuts my hair. I have been long overdue for a haircut, and she was able to schedule me for 1:00 pm. I had 2" of hair cut off all around, so can I say I decluttered my hair? It feels so much better and will be easier to take care of for the summer.

By the time I got home again it was just starting to rain a bit, so I got home just in time. There were severe weather watches out so I was prepared for a storm. We did get close to an inch of rain throughout late afternoon and evening, but just a little bit of thunder and lightning two or three times. No wind or hail, but there was plenty of all that about 60 miles south of here, from Sioux City to Omaha and beyond. I am very thankful for the rain, and that we did not get any severe weather.

Since it was a sleepy day anyway, I sat in my chair and watched some tv, and then decided to look through the few newspapers in the basket by my chair so that I could put them in the recycles.

So here is what I decluttered today ~~

An empty ice cream pail, yogurt container and cat food box, plus several newspaper sections. If you count each section as one item I got rid of far more than 5 items! I have been saving those square ice cream pails as they make nice containers for the freezer. I like to put balls of cookie dough in them. I first freeze the balls on a cookie sheet and then put the frozen balls in these containers, and I can take out as many as I want and bake them without having to thaw out a lump of dough. But I think I have more than enough of them saved. I like the square ones as they fit better in a freezer, taking up less space than the round ones.

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