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Thursday, June 19, 2014


I didn't intend to be missing for so long, and now am wishing I had gotten several blog posts written and scheduled for publishing, but life happens, doesn't it.

I have not kept up with the decluttering schedule that my group is doing for this month, but I did get a whole lot of decluttering done in the garage this week, with the help of my daughter and grandkids. I am guessing that the things being donated, and put out for recycling, and those tossed in the garbage are almost equal. My daughter also took a few things home - not many as she doesn't need the clutter either. She brought her leaf blower and blew out all the dirt and dead bugs from the garage so it looks so nice out there. It doesn't look like an attached, semi-finished garage would look like, but it is a whole lot better. I can't even begin to could how many things have been removed from the premises.

My daughter also got all my curtains down and I got them washed and ironed, and she put them back up. She helped with several other things and I am so thankful for all the help. I know her vacation days were work and not fun, but sometimes it just has to be done. There will come a day when she won't have to think about doing my work anymore.

Besides me kids and grandkids being here 3 days this week, we also had severe storms, tornadoes and very heavy rains several days in a row. Therefore, my computer was disconnected to keep it from being damaged by lightning. We did lose power for 1 1/2 hours one afternoon, because of power lines down on two different streets in town. They must have gone down at the same time. That day was so dark that it looked more like 9:30 pm than late afternoon. So there was nothing to do but go to bed. There was no tv, no computer, no light for reading, no stove or microwave to cook. So after about 1/2 hour without power I just laid on the bed and took a nap until the power came back on.

In spite of the bad weather, my son, daughter and I had a very nice visit, and then got all that work done that is difficult for me to do. I hope to get back to a more regular schedule with blogging again next week.

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