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Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Before life got in the way, as I stated in a previous post, I did get another day of decluttering in, and the result is in the picture here.

The reason I put a question mark in the title is that I don't know what number of the declutter days this actually was. I see the date on the picture as June 12, so that must mean it was probably Day 9. If you count each catalog and each newspaper section (not pages, but that would run up my numbers, wouldn't it!), then I think this qualifies for 5 items per day for the previous days. I finally went through the grocery bag full of newspapers that I always think I must do before getting rid of them. I HAVE to make sure I don't miss anything! Now all those things have been put in the recycle tub and are gone, gone, gone! Now I need to read the newspapers that are beginning to fill the basket again. Hopefully I will get to them this week. It is a GOOD thing that I do not get a daily paper! I just get the weekly shoppers, one weekly community paper, and a friend saves our town's weekly paper for me. She only brings them once a month or every two months, so they tend to pile up until I get time to read them.

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