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Monday, June 30, 2014


This is the high school study hall I was in all four years of high school. This picture was taken in 1923. My mother used this room! She graduated in 1927 so this is just before she was there. At least she is not in this picture. Her younger brothers and sister also attended this school. It was built in 1903 and used until 1985. I graduated in 1961. It has since been torn down.

The desks are the same, and organized exactly the same, including the blackboards along the wall on the left.

Freshmen always sat in the row closest to the doors (left side here). Sophomores sat in the next row, juniors in the third, and the seniors in the last row on the right. Our little library was in the front of the room, on the right side. That is where I saw my first Good Housekeeping magazine and fell in love with it. I have been a continuous subscriber ever since!

We did not have lockers to keep books and stuff in. The only lockers were in the sports team dressing rooms. (I think, since I did not play sports) All our text books and notebooks, pencils, pens and ink, erasers, glue/paste were kept on the small shelf under the desk top. They didn't hold much. Our coats and jackets hung on hooks all along the wall outside the study hall, the wall behind the blackboards.

Oh, does this bring back memories! It seems odd, but when I was going to school, I never pictured my mother going there so many years ahead of me! After all these years it is finally dawning on me that my mother, aunt and uncles, all tread the same hallways and many stairs that I did many years later.

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