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Wednesday, June 25, 2014


I have to combine all the declutter days of last week. I can tell you that most of the work of decluttering was done on Day 11 (June 17 since weekends are not counted). That is the day my daughter was here to help me clean the garage, among other things.

I wish I had remembered to take before and after pictures, as well as all the stuff I got rid of. There were so many items that I am sure there more than enough for the 5 items each day for last week, plus every day this week!

I will try to remember some of the things and list here.

Donate --

  • metal folding table -good for camping as well as extra table for crafts, eating, etc.
  • wood plant stand
  • 100' garden hose on reel in hose box
  • Tupperware cake keeper
  • several planters and pots
  • several macrame plant hangers (boot box full)
  • cute can cooler that looks like a drum, still in original box
  • old electric roaster - still works but really heavy and not so pretty anymore. (haven't used in 20 years)
  • small metal plant stand that holds 3 plants (went to daughter)
  • folding lawn chair
Recycle --
  • 8-10 plastic ice cream pails and lids
  • paper shopping bag full of various plastic containers that I had kept to use for food storage - but can't see a need for them, plus always get more that food comes in
  • 3 cat litter jugs
  • several empty cardboard boxes (originally saved in case item needed to be sent back, or larger ones saved to put donated items in)
  • I know there were more things but can't think what
Throw away --
  • old, broken litter box w/cover
  • bag of dirty rags
  • 4 spark plugs that were in the garage when I moved here
  • and my mind has gone blank - I do know that there are 3 full garbage cans waiting to go out to the curb this week
  • lots of dirt, dust, dead leaves, dead bugs -- either swept up or blown out with a leaf blower.
One thing I noticed a couple days later that it even smells cleaner in there, although we did not wash anything. Now the back of my van is so full of stuff to take to Goodwill that I have no room to put the garbage to take to the curb! 

Since the weather forecast says we won't get rain tomorrow (Monday, June 23), I think I will make the effort to drive to Sioux City and drop all that stuff off at Goodwill. I will have to pay attention to flooding, though, as we could get another inch or two of rain tonight. And it rained during the night last night and I don't know how much we got. Maybe I should get a couple of oars or paddles in case we start floating. Sioux City is where the Big Sioux River meets the Missouri River and there has already been some flooding along the Sioux there, but that should not be a problem getting to Goodwill. I hope.

I might add, that of all those craft supplies I decluttered earlier, my granddaughter only got the stamping supplies and small set of artist brushes. She had fun with that while she was here too. She is the artist in the family right now. The rest of the craft things will be going along to Goodwill.

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