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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Garden - Day 17

Mary, Mary, how contrary,
how does your garden grow?
I don't know how Mary's garden is growing but here is mine.

If you look closely in picture above, from R to L - lettuce, tomatoes, and abour 4 impatiens that are growing bigger. Next are the moss roses that still remain very tiny, and only the few, so I planted more seed. I don't have more impatiens seed as I used all there was in the package. Those seeds are so tiny, no bigger than a speck of black pepper, that I wonder if they were washed to the bottom of the pot since the starting mix is quite loose. I will  just have to make do with the few that sprouted, and buy some plants if I have any spare $$ later.

The above is a closeup of the tomato plants that are getting taller and have more leaves now than the original two, so they are doing really well. The lettuce is also getting taller but they just lay down. I don't know if that is normal for these or what. My only experience with lettuce has been the usual garden leaf lettuce.

This is a closeup of the 3 new romaine butts I added yesterday and are already getting little green shoots coming up the center. All three of these have green, younger centers so I expect them to do as well as the one older one that you see behind the new ones. The two lettuce butts that had older cores are not doing anything more, so I think those are a bust. (butt, bust --where did all this anatomy language come from? lol) The celery doesn't show up very well in these pictures but it is still green and pretty. Not growing so fast now, so don't know how long the stalks will get in the end. If not much more than what is there now it will at least be a nice addition to a green salad or tuna salad when chopped.

I have been checking the strawberry roots that I planted earlier and I think I see a little bit of furry green starting to come out of at least a couple of them. I so hope they grow as I am so ready for those fresh berries all summer.

I am also hoping I can start planting the other things in the pots outside soon. We have still had a couple of freezing nights, and I see in the 7-day forecast that there is at least one night where it will get to around 34, which means it could dip below freezer for a time. Plus forecasts change, as we all know. Anyway, I will wait at least one more week and then see what the forecast is, but at least hope to get the pots out and filled with soil so they are ready for the seeds.

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