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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Garden Days 8 and 14

 Above -  Day 8, no sign of impatiens, and the moss roses are very teensy and not growing as fast as the vegetables. Lettuce is getting taller as are the tomatoes. I count 12 tomato plants now.

Close up of lettuce on left, tomatoes on right on Day 8.

Above - Day 14 -- plants are getting taller.

Day 14 - moss roses still really slow in getting any bigger, and I see 2 impatiens peeping through! Finally! Next are the tomatoes and the thin and leggy lettuce on the right. I don't see that much growth in the romaine or celery, though still looking good for the most part. The two romaine that started much later still are not doing very much, but greening up a bit and one has more visible leaves than the last one.

The past week was very busy for me and just wore me out. The past couple of days have been overcast and I didn't get around to taking pictures every day. Late this afternoon the sun has finally come out and shining so bright on the seedlings, and I am thinking the brightness and the warmth of the sun is what made the impatiens pop out as I am sure they weren't there this morning.

As you can tell, I am not the greatest photographer but at least you get an idea of how things are coming along.

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  1. Hi Lorita
    I like your pictures. My romaine ends are just turning brown and the pineapple top molded. but success looks possible on the celery end, I think it might really grow a new bunch.


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