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Monday, April 9, 2012

Garden - Day 7

These pictures were taken Friday morning. I can see growth every day. From left - barely in the picture are the impatiens seeds - nothing showing yet. Next is moss roses and they don't show up in the picture but there are some really tiny sprouts! Next are the lettuce sprouts getting taller, and today there are a few tomato sprouts!! The celery tops are getting so big, and the romaine keeps growing, plus there are more little signs that there is life in the third one as well.

Close-up of the tomatos. I think I counted about 6 of them. More than plenty of plants for me even if there are no more that sprout.

I still need to take pictures today and will try to post them later. I was too busy with family on Saturday to get pictures taken.

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  1. My husband and I are fascinated with your gardening post. We are going to try this also. I knew about avocados and potatoes, but I have go to try the celery and lettuce.

    blessings, jilly


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