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Monday, April 23, 2012

Garden - Day 22

I didn't realize so many days had passed since I last had an update on my little garden. I did have some busy days after the last one so the days flew by. This first pictue is a closeup of the 'butts'. LOL As you can see the romaine is growing fast. The new ones that I added on day 17 came up really fast. The celery is still looking good as well.

 You may notice in the picture below there is one lonely leaf in the far left corner and that is from one of the first butts I put in and thought it was not going to do anything. That one leaf sprouted up close to the outside edge and not at the core as the rest of them did.

Below is a closeup of the moss roses on the left and now look at my impatiens! They are finally popping and more are coming out. I guess the seeds did get buried a little deeper. You can still barely see the moss roses. Anyway I should be having flowers this summer!

In the picture below you  can see how tall the tomatoes and lettuce are getting. I can almost taste those little pear tomatoes already.

After all the abnormally warm weather we had earlier, it seems like it should be time to get the rest of the garden planted outside, but now we are getting the more normal, cooler temps for this time of year. The lows have been getting close to freezing yet - down to 33 last night, and daytime highs in the 50's. So I am going to hold off on the rest of the planting for at least a couple of weeks. When I check my strawberries I see a little bit more fuzzy silvery green on some of them. If they don't all start I should at least have a few plants that will have berries on later.

Now it is time to move on with my day. I have a load of laundry in the dryer at the moment, and I want to do some decluttering in the bedroom today, until it is time to start mowing lawn. I hope I can muster up enough energy to get it finished.

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