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Thursday, March 6, 2014


Tell me. Why is it that when you are frustrated about one thing, everything else seems to be uncooperative too??

I talked earlier about the frustration of not being able to find a missing will. After that I had to make a little lunch and I decided to get a single serve bag of a beans and rice dish  out of the freezer. I had put the bags in a larger bag to keep them together. Do you think any of those single bags would come out of the bigger one? NO. And I broke a fingernail in the process.

Then I made some toast to have with the beans and rice, and one slice gets caught when they popped up, so that it stayed down in the toaster. grrrr.

And Felix has been whining for more food, and more food. He has been quite vocal today, which is a bit unusual. He comes in here by my chair and starts whining, "Feed me" while I am trying to get things done on the computer. Frustrating.

I calmly reach for something and knock something over in the process. aarrgh.

I decide to do a thorough dusting on and around the computer while I am listening the State girl's basketball game, and the cords and wires do not cooperate at all. growl.

My nose keeps dripping even though I took an allergy pill so I have to take time to take care of that while my hands are busy with something else.

I know I am forgetting things that happened just today. STOP. . .the world. I want to get off! (at least for a little while). Oh, yes, I tried to read my murder mystery book last night and kept falling asleep so barely got any pages read. And it is interesting! (sigh).

I hope you all are having a good day!

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